General Terms and Conditions for Room Hire

1. The hirer must fairly and fully represent the purpose for which the room is required. Any misrepresentation may result in cancellation of the function at any time by KSCC. Under no circumstances may the hirer sub-let or further offer for hire any of the area booked.

2. The time agreed on the booking form at which the event must finish must be strictly adhered to. All guests must have vacated the premises within 20 minutes of the specified time.

3. Hirers must ensure that the number of guests does not exceed the stated capacity limit for the area hired.

  • Bar Area size 14 metres x 14 metres – Number of people allowed with furniture 190
  • Whole Venue -Number of people allowed with furniture 240

4. The hirer must specifically agree with KSCC and adhere to, the precise type of entertainment to be provided.

5. The hirer will be responsible for keeping proper order and ensure that all persons attending the event behave in a seemly manner and comply with the instruction they may receive from any of the Bar Staff.

6. After the event, the hirer must remove from the premises all litter and anything brought and placed therein by any person, and ensure that the premises and access routes are left in a tidy condition to the satisfaction of KSCC Bar Staff. All drinks, alcoholic and soft drinks including teas and coffees must be purchased from the Bar. Own drinks are not allowed to be brought in.

7. KSCC does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to any articles or persons brought into the premises by the organisers or their guests. This includes the car parking area.

8. No alterations may be made to the layout or appearance of the room except for removable decorations and seating layout.

9. The costs of repairing any damage caused to the property, or its contents by the hirer, organisers or their guests must be reimbursed to KSCC by the named hirer.