Ketton Healthy Walking Group

Ketton Healthy Walking Group was founded in August 2009 on an idea of 4 persons Ronald Tilley. Andy Bird. Joyce Bird. and Deanna Dennis. With the launch, and Groups first ever walk in early September 2009. The Group has just got bigger, and better, over the years, with an average of 50 on most walks, picking up accreditations, and many more awards on the way. The Group always walks at 2pm on a Thursday afternoon, usually from its “Ketton Sports & Community Centre” Headquarters, once a month out of village, at a suitable location where refreshments can be obtained.

To cater for all persons strengths, and needs, the group offers a choice of 2 Healthy walks, of approx 4 & 2 miles, with walk leaders available to supervise both walks. 6 monthly printed walk schedules always freely available to ascertain, days, and weeks group walking arrangements, One of the Groups greatest strengths is its social side, A cuppa, and refreshments, a must, and always available after walks, Birthday Cake too if some one celebrating a birthday.

Group Anniversaries, the 8th just recently, and Christmas always celebrated with upwards of 80 attending the occasions. For the more extreme walker the group also offers away day walks of 6 plus miles throughout the county, and Country. A walking day with suitable refreshment at the end of the day, by the seaside, or walking in the Peak Districts favourites of many.

New walkers always welcomed, for further information please contact – Ronald Tilley
Mobile. 07922268971 / Home: 01780 729188  or submit a contact us form see below.

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