Statement from the trustees of Ketton Sports & Community Centre

The remit of the trustees of KSCC is to ensure that the facilities at Pit Lane are maintained and run in a way which ensures its continuing existence and its facilities are available to all members of clubs licensed to use them. This requires a guaranteed income and to do this we have to ensure that all the clubs which play at Pit Lane are financially viable and can generate sufficient funds to ensure their section of the ground is maintained to a standard that allows them to play their sport at as high a level as possible. For the cricket club, this standard must be achieved to allow the ground to be used for exhibition matches and by teams representing other clubs, as these events will bring substantial income into the charity.

It is important to recognise that anyone who wants to play cricket at Pit Lane is free to do so by joining Ketton Sports Cricket Club. The trustees have not and will not prevent anyone from playing sport at Pit Lane, provided they are a member of one of our licenced sports sections. In addition, the clubhouse and the grounds at KSCC are freely open and available to all local residents.