Minutes of Trustees Meeting held on Monday 21st January 2019

Present: Andrew McGilvray (AMG), Ian Loder (IL), Ron Tilley (RT), Peter Shakeshaft (PS), Jim Wheeler (Jim), Jenny Rogers (JR), Tim Charge (TC), Bob Bradberry, Sooty, Cristian Durant, Charlie Underwood

Minutes taken by A McGilvray

  1. Apologies –Jayne Wheeler, Glenis Southern, Roz Conde.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting – IL asked that the word advertisement be replaced by notification in the final paragraph to show that the free service does not compete with the paid adverts in Chatterbox. This was agreed and the minutes were approved
  3. Matters arising – None
  4. Finances
    • The managements to the end of Dec 18 showed that over all there was a surplus of approx. £12,500. The gross profit over the bar was 30%, this was slightly lower than normal. One reason was the results of the stock take which showed we were approx. £1800 over stocked. The directors had had a meeting and had agreed to put up the prices by approx. 10p a pint from 1st Feb with equivalent rises on all other lines
    • As Jayne was not present, she could not report on the status of the Charity reporting, but had previously confirmed that all reporting required for KSCC Trading CIC had been completed
    • Actual readings of the water, gas & electricity were to be taken from the meters to ensure the charges are accurate
  1. Report from Tim Charge about his meetings with the cricket clubs– TC had had separate meetings with both clubs. KCC had put forward a proposal for an amalgamated committee of both clubs to run the cricket club at Pit La. the trustees did not think this was a workable suggestion and also outside the power of the trustees to arrange as it was a matter for the 2 clubs. The trustees unanimously confirmed their original decision that Ketton Sports Cricket Club should remain as the licenced club playing cricket at Pit La.
  2. New Facilities for Sports at Pit La
    • The sponsorship secretary for Ketton Sorts Cricket Club had prepared an application to Grantscape for funding of new cricket nets and a netball/5-a-side football pitch. Further funding is being sort
    • The junior football is now well attended and they are looking to purchase some goals of the correct dimensions. It was suggested that the junior football and junior tennis organisers co-ordinate their activities to avoid
  1. AOB – CU & Andy Bird had attended the Club Insure Awards dinner in Doncaster, They had reached the final in 4 categories, but unfortunately we did not win any (we were competing with organisations like Nottinghamshire Cricket Club)

Sami Richards had been put in a ‘position of trust’ and would be responsible for placing the orders with the brewery and organising the rotas. Justin Knight has since resigned from a position as a bar worker at the club.

Sooty will contact Andy Binder to get some advice on a second gas cooker to put in the kitchen as we are currently limited to providing cooked food to 120 people. He will also remove the grill above the current oven as it restricts the size of pans that can be used on the hobs.

Events – The trustees wanted to encourage all the sports sections to put on events that will bring people into the club, both to make people aware of the facilities and to increase takings over the bar. The trustees should also try to create events which would have the same effect.

It was suggested that there could be a cricket week organised around the sports bash

Opening Hours – it was agreed that we would continue to open at the same times, but give the bar staff the authority to close early if there were no customers

Date and time on next meeting 18th March 2019 @ 8pm