25th MARCH 2019


Present: Andrew McGilvray(AMG), Charlie Underwood(CU), Ron Tilley(RT), Bob Bradberry(BB), Tim Charge(TC), Ian Loder(IL), Peter Shakeshaft(PS),Jenny Rogers(JR)


  1. The Meeting opened with a presentation from Mel Weston who is a caterer, and is very interested in becoming the caterer at Ketton Sports and Community Centre (KSCC). Mel has her own staff of approx. 25, and she ensures they are dressed very smartly for any events. Mel also has her own tablecloths, cutlery etc. Mel has done the catering for the Bowls Club. Mel went onto say that the hire venue is too expensive and she suggested putting together a whole package of £1500 which includes the hire of the venue and the catering of a three course meal. RT and CU agreed that the hire of the venue was too expensive but AMG advised he had looked at other venue hires. Mel also has access to Revolution Disco and also to a burger van. Mel also suggested theme nights and also a Sunday Roast and this would her first venture. If successful then Mel would be the sole caterer at KSCC but if someone has already sorted out a caterer for their event then this would not be a problem. Mel passed around a folder of her menus and explained that all menus are negotiable.

Mel introduced her front of house – Luke who duly explained that he looks after the staff and ensures the smooth running of the event. JR asked what the waiters/waitresses were and Luke told they all wear black. Mel and Luke left the meeting and the Trustees would discuss this accordingly, but thought Mel would be a great asset to KSCC. Mels email address is melanieweston4@gmail.com

  1. Apologies – Cristian Durant, Sooty, Glenis Southern, Jayne Wheeler
  2. Minutes of Trustees Meeting 21st January 2019 were signed off.
  3. Matters arising CU asked about the prices of beer and AMG confirmed that they had been increased. TC asked if accounts were up to date and AMG confirmed they were.
  4. Finances – The Trustees were given the Man Accounts to end of February 2019 and TC asked what the bottom line was and AMG said there was £9000 in the bank and all in all things were looking good. The water bill has been paid and the relevant Sports Sections will give their contribution. PS said that one of the meters was completely blank and AMG will contact Anglia Water.
  5. Events – The Trustees agreed that there will be no Easter Car Boot on the Monday as Easter is late this year and also as there will be one at the beginning of May it was felt that no need for the Easter Car Boot.

AMG asked if KSCC should have a Table Top Sale on Easter Monday. Cost would £10 per table and pre-booking required. Customers to email enquiries@kettonsportscc.co.uk as Roz handles this.  Doors open at 8am for Traders and 9am for all other people. All agreed to Table Top Sale and RT and JR said it must be advertised now. Roz will put it on the website and ask others to advertise on Facebook.There will be a Car Boot on May 6th and this will also be advertised accordingly. There is a quiz night on Good Friday and RT set it would be a good idea if the other Sports Sections could advertise events at KSCC.

  1. Update on new sports – Cricket have applied to get a grant for nets, unfortunately, they did not get the grant from Mick George.

AMG advised that still pursuing the multi use area as KSCC cannot fund this themselves.

Junior Football is going from strength to strength.

  1. Contribution to KSCC by sports sections -AMG suggested that as there are no membership fees to pay, that perhaps the Sports Sections should contribute to KSCC. JR questioned the membership and AMG explained that people used to pay a membership fee. CU said that KSCC cannot charge a fee as a charity. PS suggested payments for water and electricity. TC suggested asking for a voluntary contribution. JR asked what Tennis contribute to KSCC.

CU said it was up to the Trustees to address the Sports Sections. It was pointed out that when Sports Sections hold an event, this brings money into KSCC. RT and IL advised that the Healthy Walking Group had given KSCC £1700 last year.

  1. AOB – BB and PS said something needs to be done now regarding the entrance road to KSCC and it needs to be done properly. AMG said that the funds are not available for a complete resurface as it would be about £20,000. TC asked about having a fund set up and BB asked if the humps could be taken out. JR asked if Hanson had been approached and IL said that there was nothing to lose by contacting Hanson. CU will make some enquiries as will AMG and PS will talk to CD.

JR pointed out that in the recent edition of Stamford Living there was a lot of advertising for wedding venues and thought KSCC could have advertised as KSCC really needs to advertise and it needs to be marketed. All agreed that KSCC must be advertised, but AMG pointed that the regular events need to be protected such as the domino/crib drives etc.

AMG advised that Football were applying for financial assistance as the changing rooms need improvement and new cylinders are required.

BB said that the concrete path around the main building also needs to addressed.

The question was asked if a Vice Chairman was required and AMG said yes to a Vice Chairman. JR proposed TC and PS seconded the proposal. TC duly accepted the position of Vice Chair.

CU asked if a sign showing where the toilets are could be put up on the outside wall by the smoking area.

PS said that a meeting needs to be organised regarding the Sports Bash and AMG will sort this out.

Date and time of next meeting

Thursday May 23rd @ 7.30pm