Minutes of Trustees Meeting held on Tuesday June 25th @ 7.30pm


Present:- Tim Charge (TC), Ian Loder (IL), Glenis Southern (GS), Jenny Rogers (JR), Bob Bradberry (BB)

Sooty, Ron Tilley (RT), Peter Shakeshaft (PS), Charlie Underwood (CU)

Minutes taken by Roz Cond e – Hon Sec

  1. Apologies received from Jim Wheeler, Cristian Durant(CD), Andrew McGilvray(AMG)
  2. Matters Arising – GS and JR concerned that no financial accounts were available.
  3. Finances – JR has contacted AMG for the accounts as Jayne sends them to him first for his perusal, but JR had not heard anything from AMG. BB asked if TC had received anything from AMG regarding accounts, he has not. GS and PS voiced their concerns over the finances regarding Ketton Sports and Community Centre (KSCC) as no accounts are available and the Trustees require these a couple of days before the meeting so they can go over them. JR had been asked about loan(s) that KSCC had, and she could not answer this, IL believed that KSCC has three loans outstanding.

TC asked if there was a job description for the Treasurer – not one. TC advised that both    Jayne and Roz need proper Job Descriptions.

Sooty and CU will meet with Jayne next week to discuss the production of financial information on a more timely basis. Monthly highlight accounts 7 days after the month end and management accounts on a quarterly basis. Also, the impact on finances of a salary increase for Roz and Jayne will be discussed. CU and/or Sooty will provide feedback from the meeting by 8th July 2019. CU and Sooty will ask Jayne to list the work she undertakes for KSCC and this will form the basis of a Job Description. Roz has also been asked to list the work she does and this will also form the basis of a Job Description.

PS said that there were various rumours around the village regarding KSCC and TC said that he would attend the next Parish Council meeting to quash these rumours.

  1. Events

Car Boot – RT advised that both Car Boots were a success and a total of £4800 was raised. TC expressed his thanks to all of those who worked so hard, RT expressed his thanks to the relevant sports sections.

Big Bash – TC asked if this was a success, and Sooty confirmed it was, however it was agreed that Dean Headley (Big Bash) would be required to pay £2000 for the hire of the venue and that Ketton Sports Cricket Club have a table free of charge at the event – a letter has been drafted and TC will duly sign it and send it to Dean. GS asked who pays for the hire of extra tables and KSCC paid for them, but in future Dean will have to pay for any extra hire of furniture. JR has asked to see a copy of this letter. TC asked the Trustees if they were in agreement with the letter going to Dean – all agreed.

BB said that a child had run into one of Deans ‘nets’, Sooty asked if there was a complaint put in – BB said there was not. TC asked if child was hurt, BB said that child was not hurt. GS asked if St John Ambulance should be present at the Big Bash – all agreed they should be in attendance and that Dean pay for this. PS asked if St John Ambulance should be present at the Car Boots and RT said they should and he will deal with this.

Future Events – bookings are looking good, and the hire of the entire venue has been changed to Price on Application. Sooty had an enquiry from a lady who wanted to book the Whitebread Room on Wednesdays for dance lessons – no-one had any objections to this, CU said that she must have her own insurance.


Louisa Smith has agreed to get involved with KSCC

  1. Road Update

JR said that she had sent emails to various contractors but had heard nothing back. Previously, CD said that he would get a quote from Mills for the road – JR asked if a quote had been received? GS asked if she could contact Roger Mills.

Sooty will get some contacts and give them to JR and she asked what the spec is for the road and PS said about 400m.

  1. Update on Catering

CU advised that no decision would be made regarding Mel Weston until end of August/beginning of September, as KSCC need put out to tender to other caterers. BB asked if her relevant certificates had been seen. Sooty stressed that Mel and other potential caterers need to realize that the kitchen belongs to KSCC!

Sooty said that Jeeves Catering might be interested. Sooty will put something together and email to the Trustees for their input regarding the tender.

  1. Updates on Sport

Sooty asked when the submissions for the Chatterbox needs to be received by as he believed KSCC need to advise the community on recent success, such as the Ladies Football Team winning  the League, and also that Ketton Sports Cricket Club is hosting County Cricket matches at KSCC. BB suggested Tennis be asked if they wanted to be included. JR said that the submissions need to be sent to John Collier asap. TC said photos should be included. IL asked how many pages and all agreed to have the centre pages. Sooty will speak to Dusty (Cricket) to get the info. PS advised that in August an U9 cricket event is taking place and an email had been sent to Ketton Cricket Club as gesture of goodwill, but a rather nasty email had been sent back.

IL had an enquiry from his neighbour, as their teenage sons were having a ‘kick about’ and a man had told them to leave as they were on private property – IL had said this was not the case and he asked for confirmation that this was the case which it is. Sooty is more than happy for the people to have a ‘kick about’ as long as the equipment and ground is respected and there is not a major event taking place.

  1. Honorarium – Roz left the room
  2. AOB – GS asked what the staff situation was at the moment. Sooty said all good and listed the staff, and explained that Justin had left, and soon after his wife Tania left. Sooty advised that are actively seeking extra staff for major events such as glass collectors, and bottle washers, TC confirmed that extra staff are required for large events. RT said that at present Yoga is being held in the changing rooms and asked if the extra equipment could kindly be removed and Sooty confirmed this would be sorted out.

An open day at KSCC was discussed and this will an Agenda item for the next meeting.

Joyce Birds name has been put forward for a ‘hero’ award.

Date and time of next meeting is Tuesday 6th August at 7pm