Minutes of KSCC Trustees Meeting held on 6th August @ 7pm

Present: Tim Charge(TC), Jenny Rogers(JR), Ian Loder(IL), Glenis Southern(GS), Sooty, Peter Shakeshaft(PS), Charlie Underwood(CU), Bob Bradberry(BB), Ron Tilley(RT)

Minutes taken by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

1)      Apologies – Jim Wheeler(Jim), Jayne Wheeler(JW), Cristian Durant(CD), Andrew McGilvray(AMG)

2)      Matters arising – The Trustees send their condolences to AMG as his father has sadly passed away.

JR asked Roz to amend the previous minutes to read ‘ JR had been asked about the loans and she could NOT answer this’ (Roz had omitted NOT, this has been done).

JR asked Sooty how the meeting went with JW, CU, Sooty confirmed all in order and was worthwhile.

JR had a quote for the driveway (through PS) from D.Watt – Roadways for £9000, PS is going to contact them to see exactly what will be done, as it needs to be dug up and resurfaced. D Watt has split quote in three stages. JR believes Ketton Sports & Community Centre (KSCC) require 3 quotes if going to apply for funding.

3)      Finances

TC spoke about the email that GS and JR has sent out to the Trustees, JR asked why accounts were late to the Charity Commission, Sooty advised that waiting for Trustees Report to filed with the accounts, and also that Jackson & Grimes were late in verifying the accounts, so not JWs fault. Sooty explained that JW is now an agent on behalf of KSCC and so can verify them and send them off. TC said need clarification regarding the what is expected on the Trustees Report and GS is going to ring the Charities Commission and enquire what is expected. Also, previously JW has sent the files to AMG to upload and it is believed that this could be where the delay is. GS asked if KSCC need to use another accountant and Sooty said KSCC do not. TC asked if JW could send the files and Sooty confirmed she could. CU and BB said that the info needs to be submitted accordingly. TC will email AMG asking for the Trustees Report.

TC asked what are the alternatives should JW leave? IL said would have to employ someone else and if this was the case then a ‘proper’ wage would have to be paid. CU stressed that KSCC would struggle to find someone to put in the hours and work that JW does, and all agreed with this. TC asked if Trustees were happy with the finance info that JW had given and all were, but JR asked if the loans could be included and what were the loans. Sooty advised that £25k was from Rutland County Council(RCC) to be paid back at £5k per year. JR asked about the other loans which amount to £72k, Sooty was unsure and so he rang JW and advised that the £72k was from anonymous person(s), and that there was no time limit on this being paid back. BB asked that if JW left would KSCC have to find £72k as this was loaned to KSCC through JW. BB asked if JW wanted to continue as Treasurer and the Trustees want to help JW where they can. IL and JR said that accounts need to be mailed to the Trustees before the meeting and from now the Trustees Meetings will be every 5 weeks and the Trading will meet every 9 weeks, as the finance reports will be available from the second week of each month. JR asked if JW could attend the next meeting.

BB asked if the Car Boot monies had been allocated, and RT confirmed the sections will have the monies by the end of August.

GS asked why the Business Watch(BW) invoices were in dispute and Sooty duly explained that they were billing for two ‘call out’ charges, one for the alarm going off and when the CCTV went wrong BW said that this was  not covered in the agreement but Sooty advised that BW were already at KSCC! Sooty is in discussion with the account manager Helen Taylor.

BB stated that whoever is left at KSCC should ensure that all windows and doors are secure before leaving and GS suggested having a schedule drawn up and Sooty said he and Sami are working on a tick list for shutting up at KSCC.

TC stated that a manager is needed at KSCC whether it be part time or full time and suggested Sami. Sooty said that full time would have to pay accordingly as at present Sami is Service Manager at Mazda. Sooty is going to talk to Sami and Trustees agreed that she would have to be paid more than the others. GS asked about the wages and the staff are all on minimum wage including Sami, and GS also asked if all on zero hours contract and Sooty confirmed that this is the case. TC asked if the Trustees were happy for Sooty to speak to Sami and all in agreement.

The Trustees agreed that they were better informed regarding their responsibilities and CU advised he has a booklet regarding responsibilities which he will get for the next meeting.

A new compressor had to be purchased and it is believed the previous one broke down due to a power surge. CU is looking into the insurance claim and Mark Bird is putting together a quote for a power surge unit. GS advised that Western Power were responsible for this area so perhaps they should be also contacted. Sooty is waiting for the report from Temperature Solutions.

4)      Events – RT confirmed that the next Car Boot is on 26th August (weather permitting) and that all sections are aware of their responsibilities. GS asked if any Car Boot monies were given to KSCC and sections do give back some to KSCC. BB also explained that each section used to hold individual car boot sales but it was decided to have one united car boot and the proceeds be split accordingly.

Other events taking place are the Ceilidh on 21st September, Charity Ball on 19th October, Bowls Quiz night on 10th August. JR pointed out that Ketton Village WI are hosting their meeting at KSCC on 19th September. Roz can confirm that these are all on the online calendar. JR said that none of the above is on the Ketton News Page and GS agreed should be and Sooty will ask if Sami forward the info so events will be on Ketton News.

5)      Trustees Representation – The Trustees agreed that things are moving forward and felt that at last are getting results in a timely manner.

6)      Update on Catering – JR asked about Mel Western and CU confirmed that no decision will be made until the end of August and Mel is aware of this. If Mel becomes the caterer at KSCC the she will not have exclusivity of the kitchen, and TC said that something must be drawn up regarding the terms of use of the kitchen. BB asked if Mel had given the relevant certificates and CU confirmed he had seen them. Sooty had asked Michelle Bradshaw if she was interested but she was not. Other tenders are required. RT advised that he had booked Mel for the Healthy Walking Anniversary Meal but she has let him down and he has Andy Binder doing the catering.

7)      Update on Sports – GS asked about the netball pitch, Sooty advised had an email from a company suggesting a multi surface court and they are putting grants together for funding.

CU advised that 3 ladies are playing in the Bowls final at Skegness. PS confirmed that 2 junior cricketers qualified for Leicestershire Cricket shirts. GS said this should be in the Chatterbox magazine. PS and Sooty advised that cricket coaching is on at KSCC for the next 3 days. RT advised that Healthy Walking Group have a one page spread in the Chatterbox magazine.

8)      AOB – RT stated that smokers were putting out their cigarettes in the plant pot and setting it alight (not on purpose). It was suggested that a bucket of sand be made available even though there are ashtrays available.

Sooty has been approached about a coffee morning to be held by some retired dancers and this is taking place on 26th October.

BB said that thought that KSCC had some comfy chairs as they would be good to have for the ladies for the coffee morning. GS asked where they were and PS said they are at Uppingham Cricket Club as they were offered to KSCC to buy at £4 each and PS offered to buy them, there are 20 in total. If bought, then CU said must be fire retardant.

TC advised that the honorarium for Roz be increased to £140 per month and to be backdated to March as this is when Roz first asked. JW to be increased to £200 per month.

Date and time of next meeting is 17th September at 7pm