Minutes of KSCC Trustees Meeting held on 22nd October @ 7pm

Present: Andrew McGilvray(AMG),Ian Loder(IL), Glenis Southern(GS),Peter Shakeshaft(PS), Charlie Underwood(CU), Jayne Wheeler(JW),Cristian Durant(CD)

Minutes taken by Roz Conde (Hon Sec) and typed up on 23rd October.

The Meeting started with a talk from Dean Headley regarding the Sports Bash, as he wanted to make sure it worked for him and Ketton Sports & Community Centre (KSCC). The Trustees agreed with this. The hire of extra tables and chairs was discussed  as each chair cost about £3.95 and Dean suggested perhaps going elsewhere. Dean said that he would not have outside attractions such as a simulator as these have to be paid for. JW suggested that a bouncy castle(s) could be situated accordingly, but people pay (they have not paid to go on the attractions previously). Dean said that the 2019 Sports Bash would be a corporate event. AMG and CD suggested that it be free entry and people pay for the attractions etc. Dean asked about the purchase of wine, and JW said that KSCC can contact Molson Coors as they provide KSCC with wine, beer etc and can give a good deal, as KSCC can provide and should provide the wine for the Sports Bash. Dean stressed that it must be a decent wine and that prosecco also needs to be provided. AMG confirmed that KSCC can also provide this. GS asked about costings when Dean was at Stamford School, Dean had sponsorship of £15000, but he moved from the school, the sponsor did not go with him. Dean advised that there will not be a comedy night in 2020.

Dean is going to put a new proposal through to KSCC for discussion (hopefully at the next Trustees meeting).


1)      Apologies – Jenny Rogers(JR),Ron Tilley(RT),Tim Charge(TC),Sooty, Bob Bradberry(BB)

2)      Minutes of Trustees Meeting of 17th September were approved for publishing on the website.

3)      Matters Arising – AMG had made contact with the Ketton Parish Council solicitor and now the lease can be dealt with.

4)      Finances – JW emailed the Trustees the financial reports and all in order.

5)      Events

Past and Upcoming Events – JW advised that the band Circa 73 played at KSCC and was not well attended, despite being advertised on social media. The Hollyhocks Charity Ball that was held on 19th October was a success for the charity but not for KSCC. The tickets for the 1940s night on 15th November are selling very well. In January there is a big event for the Sonny Ferry Lifeboat Appeal and it is believed this will be very well attended. GS advised that tickets sales for the Ceilidh were poor.

Christmas Panto is all booked and a letter will be written to the Whitebread Trust asking for funding  as the Trustees would like the entrance fee to be subsidised for children. CD advised that the Cricket Club can donate £150 and PS suggested an amount of £100 be donated from each section. All agreed to advertise the panto and to advertise entry is free for children. CD is going to print posters as all agreed that the Panto needs to be advertised now. GS said to let the clerk to Ketton Parish Council also know as it can be put on Ketton News.

Christmas Draw – AMG will talk to Joyce Bird, PS confirmed that all monies are put back in to purchase prizes.

News Years Eve Dance – JW confirmed that the band is booked, and JW and Joyce Bird are doing the catering. AMG advised that the tickets would be £12 each.

6)      Digital Rutland

AMG had contact from Rutland County Council that they are looking to put in full fibre broadband into all community buildings and AMG has duly signed the form. IL asked if the broadband would be available throughout Ketton, AMG advised might be possible.

7)      Possible Funding for Projects

Changing Room Block – A Rep from Leicestershire Football Association came to look round  and the application for funding is ongoing.

Entrance Road – AMG advised that have to hold back on this. However, Hanson have given some bags of tarmac which will suffice for now and CD is going to bring his whacker plate and sort it out.

Cricket Nets & Netball/5 aside football – CD confirmed that Mike Parkinson is handling applications regarding this. GS suggested contacting Leicester & Rutland Community regarding funding. CU is going to send some information to CD regarding funding.

Close old front door and finish bar area – funding is required for this.

Jenny Rogers had asked if a TV room was a possibility – going forward yes possibly. IL said that a TV room above the changing block would be ideal although costly. GS asked if Roger Mills could assist with funding.

8)      Report from KSCC Trading CIC Directors Meeting – AMG advised that Sami is looking a pricing regarding the spirits as they are too cheap at the moment. Safeguard have been contacted regarding the new front doors as they are ‘out of sync’. Hoping they can be adjusted as new ones would cost approx. £2000. JW said that KSCC are looking into purchasing more tables and chairs. GS said that any ‘extras’ need to be passed to the customer.  AMG going to sit down with Sami and discuss the ‘extras’.

9)      AOB – AMG confirmed that Joyce Bird had won the unsung hero award and the Trustees congratulate Joyce Bird on her achievement.

GS said that there had been a fuss made on Facebook about a private Firework display that had taken place on 12th October.  CU confirmed all insurances were in order. AMG will be the Designated Premises Supervisor.

IL advised that KSCC should be the sole seller of alcohol at the Sports Bash 2020.

Date and time of next meeting

Monday 25th November at 7pm