Minutes of The Trustees Meeting held on 25th November 2019 @ 7pm

Present: Andrew McGilvray(AMG), Ron Tilley(RT), Peter Shakeshaft(PS), Ian Loder(IL),Jenny Rogers(JR), Cristian Durant(CD), Sooty

Minutes taken by Roz Conde – Hon Sec at Ketton Sports & Community Centre (KSCC). Typed on 26th November

  1. Apologies – Tim Charge(TC), Glenis Southern(GS), Bob Bradberry(BB), Jayne Wheeler(JW), Charlie Underwood(CU).
  2. Minutes of Trustees Meeting held on 22nd October – these were approved to be published.
  3. Matters Arising – RT asked if Dean Headley had presented a new proposal for the Sports Bash – CD said that nothing had yet been received. AMG confirmed that tennis and cricket had given £100 to the pantomime, RT believed that healthy walking group would also contribute £100. AMG had contacted The Whitebread Trust and Hanson Cement as was just awaiting a response.
  4. Election of new Trustee representing Tennis – Graham Bedford had been nominated and the Trustees approved his election. AMG will forward his email address to Roz.
  5. Finances – Information to end of October 2019. The Trustees has been sent the accounts, but IL and JR had not received them, and on looking at the recipients, unfortunately, they were not on the list. Roz has sent JW the relevant email addresses.

AMG advised the Trustees that the loan repayment of £5000 to Rutland County Council(RCC) had not been paid in full, due to lack of funds, CD asked how much had been made and AMG advised that £2500 had been paid, so £2500 still needs to be paid. CD asked if RCC were made aware beforehand that there would be a shortfall, RCC were not advised. The Trustees asked why there was a shortfall, Sooty said that payment for the new cooler system had not been budgeted for and this was a big expense to KSCC, Sooty had spoken to CU regarding the insurance and KSCC will be re-imbursed from the insurance company. IL asked how much will KSCC be reimbursed and it will be £2000. AMG advised that there was a big bill from Molson Coors due to the Charity Event. CD asked if in circumstances like this the financial report could be a bit more specific and JR agreed with this. IL and PS thought an explanation could be given if any shortfall regarding the loan. AMG will ask JW for full management accounts to be given quarterly to the Trustees. CD would be interested to know what the annual running costs are at KSCC. RT asked what the solution is going forward as he believes KSCC is not being used to its full potential, and when events are put on such as quiz nights etc they are very poorly attended by the relevant sections and RT is very disappointed at this. CD said that sometimes difficult to let all sections know so he will email the relevant contact email details to Roz so she can let them know about up and coming events.

Renegotiation of the loan from RCC – JR advised the Trustees that GS has sent out an email                                       to AMG and Roz outlining her concerns over the loan which I have copied and pasted ‘I have to say that I was quite shocked to receive Jayne’s email and discover that Andrew was hoping to re-negotiate the repayments on the RCC loan.  We had some indication of this at Parish Council when    Gordon Brown asked to have a word with the KSCC trustees, i.e. Jenny and myself.

I think if we were getting proper management accounts, rather than a woolly ‘everything is OK’ response, we would have seen the issue and had a proper discussion and come to some conclusion.  I don’t think it good enough for Andrew to make these serious decisions without running it past the rest of the trustees.  I also fail to see why the trading company cannot support the outlay of  the charity arm.  Jayne keeps telling us that they are a different entity but surely the trading company should support the charity financially.  I am so concerned about this that I don’t think the trustees’ insurance would cover us if anything went wrong – financial mishandling is a huge ‘no no’ in the eyes of insurance companies, let alone the Charity Commission’

JR also expressed her concerns as she had no idea regarding the loan as Gordon Brown (local County Council) had a quiet chat with JR and GS after the full Ketton Parish Council meeting and as JR and GS did not know that there was a shortfall in repaying the loan, they felt rather awkward. IL thought that Gordon should have contact the Directors of the Trading side. AMG explained that he has contacted RCC and they have sent him a list of six questions which must be answered accordingly, however, AMG and JW will sit down and have a discussion regarding repaying the shortfall of £2500. CD and Sooty asked if smaller amounts could be paid over the 12 month time period, AMG will discuss this with JW and if necessary RCC. AMG explained that need to find an amicable way of working through this shortfall. AMG said that he would keep the Trustees informed regarding the loan, he stated that as Chairman he has certain leeway to deal with matters in between meetings, PS asked if after been dealt with that the Trustees could be emailed so they are kept up to date.

JR asked if JW could prepare a financial meeting for all Trustees so she can explain the financial situation in detail.

  1. EventsChristmas Panto– AMG asked if KSCC should sell tickets and it was agreed yes, so as to keep an eye on figures for Health and Safety reasons. AMG will deliver them to the Ketton Village Shop on 26th November and suggested donation of £2.50 per adult and all children had free entry.

Christmas Draw – this is doing well and PS and AMG are in charge of purchasing the prizes. The Draw will take place on December 20th at 7.30pm.

New Years Eve Dance – Tickets are available to purchase from KSCC, and are selling well.

Events for next year – JR advised that the Village Fete will be held on May 16th and there will be Kettons Got Talent, Bake Off and that all children rides will be free. JR confirmed that there will be a first-aider present and PS confirmed where the first aid boxes are and also the accident book. JR advised that there is a cricket match on at the same time as the Fete, but she had contacted the relevant people who had everything in hand, although PS was concerned regarding Health and Safety.

  1. Funding Fair – AMG will be going to this which is being held at Rutland Museum on November 28th, JR said she might also attend.

Football Association – Sooty confirmed that awaiting the third quote for re-furbishment of the changing rooms and once had this it will be handed over.

  1. AOB – On 7th December Hanson Cement have booked the whole venue and AMG asked what should KSCC charge – £350 was suggested. However, JR said she would speak to Tracie Mitchell (she contacted Roz to book). JR has since done this and Tracie said that Hanson will pay the going rate of £500 and Roz has sent the invoice to Tracie.

JR asked CD about the entrance road, and he said he had not been able to sort it due to the weather as need it to be dry.

PS advised the Trustees that at the Cricket AGM (being held on 26th November) he will be asking somebody else to replace him as Trustee representing cricket.

JR asked about caterers and no further forward at the moment.

The Trustees asked if Get Well cards could be sent to Bob Bradbury and Stuart Gray and AMG will deal with this.

IL advised the Trustees that he will not be able to attend the next three meetings as going on around the world cruise to celebrate a ‘special birthday’.

Date & time of next meeting

Monday 20th January 202 @ 7.15pm