KSCC Trustees informal meetings during lockdown

During the lockdown the trustees have not been able to meet formally but we have had a number of informal meetings to keep all trustees aware of the current situation. These meetings covered the following points:

Finances. The club received a hospitality grant from RCC. This has allowed us to meet all our financial requirements while we have been closed. We negotiated a 6-month payment holiday for a significant lease and have also reviewed all our other spending and where possible arranged for better terms. A number of services (Sky TV, BT TV, waste collection etc were suspended during the shutdown) saving us a considerable amount of money. Gas and electricity consumption has been kept to an absolute minimum. The water supply has been left on to allow the bowls and cricket clubs to water the grass during the extremely dry spring.

Access Rd

Discussions have taken place between ourselves and Ketton Parish Council on ways to fund the much-needed repairs to the road. No conclusions have been reached on how this can be funded.


It was decided not to re-open in early July because there were no planned activities taking place at the complex during July and the trustees believed it would not be financially viable to open