Minutes of Trustees Meeting held on 20th January 2020 @ 7.15pm

Present: Andrew McGilvray(AMG), Jenny Rogers(JR), Glenis Southern(GS), Ron Tilley(RT), Cristian Durant(CD), Sooty, Graham Bedford(GB)

Minutes taken by Roz Conde – Hon Sec at Ketton Sports & Community Centre (KSCC), typed on 21st Jan 2020

AMG introduced Graham Bedford as the newly appointed Trustee representing Tennis.

  • Apologies – Jayne Wheeler(JW), Ian Loder(IL), Charlie Underwood(CU)

Tim Charge and Peter Shakeshaft have resigned as Trustees of KSCC.

  • Minutes of Meeting held on 25th November 2019 were approved to be published online.
  • Matters arising from the Minutes – AMG advised that the Panto was a success, 30 adults and 45 children attended, he had hoped for more people to attend. GS asked why more people didn’t attend, RT thought perhaps as it was on a weekday and started at 6pm – GB agreed.

AMG advised the News Year Eve was not well attended – only 26 people. The Trustees agreed that the format needed to be changed going forward. GS had received some feedback regarding KSCC being closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Sooty explained that not always viable to open. Sooty is having a staff meeting on 21st January 2020. JR asked if members of the sports sections use KSCC when not playing in a match and Sooty confirmed they do.

  • Election of New Trustees

All the trustees thanked Bob Bradberry, Tim Charge and Peter Shakeshaft for their service as trustees to KSCC.

  1. Cricket Club Trustee – CD had asked Simon Nairn to represent Cricket and Simon has agreed. All approved Simon as a Trustee. CD to send AMG and Roz email address for Simon.
  2. Additional Trustee for Football – AMG asked for some names and Matt Holdup, and James Farrell were put forward. JR suggested having them both as Trustees, AMG will contact them.
  3. Replacement Trustee for Bob Bradberry & Tim Charge – AMG asked if anyone had any suggestions. GS put forward David Parry from the Walking Group – RT agreed. Sooty suggested AMG contacted Tri-Athlon Club – AMG will contact accordingly. GB stated that all sections need to be represented.


  • Finances – JW had emailed the financial report for the year ending March 2019 to all Trustees prior to the meeting, and these will be published to the Charities Commission. AMG advised that Trading side of KSCC donates all profit to Charity side of KSCC.

JR voiced her concern regarding KSCC not being able to pay the instalment in full regarding the loan from Rutland County Council (RCC). AMG advised that the instalment had been paid and JR wished that AMG had advised all Trustees of this. AMG apologised that he had not advised the Trustees. He stated that KSCC have an agreement in place with RCC that the loan instalment can be paid before the due date which is October. GS would like more in depth figures more regularly – AMG stated that Jan, Feb and March is the busiest time for JW. JW had sent a cash flow prediction – AMG confirmed that KSCC is going through a ‘rough patch’ financially at the moment, however, KSCC is solvent and not overdrawn.

CD believes that the bigger the event being held at KSCC the more money this brings in. JR asked if the Sonny Ferry Appeal was charged for the hire of the venue. AMG confirmed that as it was a charity event no charges were made.

GS asked about the bar prices and AMG confirmed they have been increased and there were no complaints.

GS asked about opening times as on occasion on a Saturday afternoon, KSCC has been shut and AMG explained that sometimes it is not viable to stay open. Eg. If a football match has had to be cancelled and there has been no-one in the club-house for 2 hours then the decision is made to shut KSCC.

  • Trustees Annual Report – AMG has sent a draft to the Trustees prior to the meeting and all agreed this was acceptable for publication in the Charity Commission website.

GS asked what input KSCC has from Ketton Primary School and AMG advised that they use the ground for their sports day.

JR advised that in organising the fete has at times been difficult.

GS suggested that on KSCC website stating that it is open to all, and this is on the website.

  • Events – Sports Bash – A proposal has been sent from Dean Headley. CD is concerned regarding his insurance. CD and Sooty said that KSCC need to go back to Dean with the proposal as he should pay for this hire of glasses (750 in total). Pre-ordered wine must be paid for before the event. CD will forward his proposal to AMG.
  • Response to J McAvoy – This was emailed to the Trustees prior to the meeting. AMG went through this accordingly. GS was shocked at the posts on social media that Sooty had put on, Sooty stated that what he puts on his ‘timeline’ is up to him and that he will not be dictated to by J McAvoy. AMG asked if he could be careful what he posted. GB stated that if you post something, it is out there in the public domain. At no point had Sooty referred to KSCC. J Mcavoy questioned about the info given to the Charities Commission. AMG asked if Trustees were in agreement with the response to J McAvoy. GB said no need to go into detail and AMG will reply on behalf of the trustees stating that the facts as presented to the Charity Commission are correct.
  • Funding
  1. Report on Funding Fair – JR attended this and she was not impressed, as no funding seemed to be available to KSCC. AMG thanked her for attending.
  2. Football Association – Sooty advised still waiting for the third quote and he has chased this up. Mike Parkinson needs letters of support from football and Trustees and CD will forward info to AMG.
  3. Discussion on 2020 Car Boots to fund repairs to entrance road – AMG asked if the money from the Car Boots could go to funding the entrance road and RT advised that if this was the case then he would have difficulty in getting the help. Football would give their Car Boot money to the funding of entrance road. Sooty suggested having a race night and that all sections come together to make one big fund raising event – all thought this was a good idea. Sooty asked about funding from the Whitebread Trust and GS advised three quotes are required. JR had one quote.

JR had sent an email to the Trustees regarding a letter sent to Hanson as it had come to light that they have funds available to charities. The response received back after Tracy at Hanson had spoken to Clifford Daly that Hanson would ‘patch the potholes’ and would maintain the ‘potholes’ throughout the year and the Trustees agreed to this. However, JR was not pleased with this response she will talk to Tracey Mytton at Hanson, and depending on how this goes, GB will speak to Clifford Daly.

CD said that KSCC have got to raise funds themselves.

  • AOB – AMG asked if when sections hold events and the tablecloths are required, should

the cleaning bill be passed onto the relevant sections, all agreed it should.

Sooty advised that KSCC had an advert in the Panto Players booklet which proved

successful, and in exchange the Panto Players used the venue free of charge and this also

was a success. Sooty asked if same agreement next year and Trustees agreed.

Date and time of next meeting

Monday 16th March @ 7.15pm