Minutes of Trustees Meeting held on 7th Sept 2020 @ 7.00 pm

Present: Andrew McGilvray, Jenny Rogers, Glenis Southern, Ron Tilley, Sooty, Graham Bedford, Jayne Wheeler, Ian Loder, James Farrell, Matt Holdup, Jacob Miller.

Apologies: Cristian Durant, Charlie Underwood, Roz Conde (as the secretary had apologised the chairman took the minutes)

All trustees gave a brief introduction to themselves

  • Minutes of Meeting held on 20th July 2020 were approved to be published online.
  • Matters arising from the Minutes

The road repairs have been completed and are excellent. All sections have contributed to the cost (the football club had approved the spend but not sent it yet)

  • Election of Trustees

Jayne Wheeler and Ron Tilley were re-elected as trustees

Simon Nairn had stepped down as a trustee because of other commitments.

Jacob Miller was elected as a trustee

There are 2 vacancies for trustees

  • Finances – The current bank balance very healthy and the bar had been trading very successfully during August. As the cricket season had just finished it was expected that the bar trade would reduce as the footballers are not at the complex for as long as the cricketers are.

We are still waiting for the invoice from RCC for the annual loan repayment. As agreed with RCC the chairman will contact RCC when it has arrived to discuss a payment plan.

The freezer in the store room has failed and needs replacing. We are looking to see if we can get a good second-hand replacement. A new freezer of a suitable size would cost approx. £300.

The Sky TV and BTSport subscriptions have been started again

To minimise the heating bills Sooty suggested the best method was to install a programable room thermostat rather than a simple boiler timer and he agreed to get a price for a suitable device

  • Improvements to the Complex – It was suggested that important football matches available on the TV should be promoted using the KSCC Facebook and Twitter accounts. The information should also be sent to a contact in each of the sections to send to all their members. It was felt that the smaller of the 2 rooms (Whitebread Room) should be set up with more comfortable furniture and the larger TV moved in there. A number of trustees agreed to investigate the availability of second-hand commercial grade furniture that could be used in that room. Any furniture purchased would have to be mobile enough so that it could be put away when there was a function on.
  • AOB

Chairman to send revised opening times to Roz to update the website.

They are:

Thursday               7:30 – 9:30

Friday                     5:00 – 9:30

Saturday                12:00 – 9:30

Sunday                   12:00 – 9:30

The bar may close earlier than stated if there are no events taking place

Date and time of next meeting

Monday 12 October 2020 @ 7 pm