Minutes of the Trustees Meeting on 20/01/2022 at KSCC
Apologies were received from Graham Bedford, Andrew McGilvray, Sooty Pearce, James Farrell
Present: Glenis Southern, Jenny Rogers, Lynn Thacker, Bob & Carol Warters, Jacob Miller, Ian
Loder (vice chairman)
1. There were no Minutes from the last Trustees meeting but this took place on 23 November
2. Welcomed Bob and Carol Warters from the Bowls Club – both retired journalists
3. Government Grant – Andrew McGilvray has applied for £4000 from Rutland County Council
as part of their ‘entertainment grant’.
4. Hedges need cutting and Ian Loder has agreed to do it
5. The Triathlon Club are not involved at present as Trustees – GS has talked to Julie Pickwell in
the hope that someone will take up the Trustee position. The Triathlon Club has paid a
contribution to the work required on the road.
6. Footpath Closure – it was agreed that the Trustees would write a letter to the Chief Executive
of Balfour Beatty (and maybe follow this up with personal letters from individual Trustees) to
point out the danger of young people walking to KSCC without using the footpath from the
High Street to KSCC. We have been advised that as many as 320 lorries can move on Pit Lane
each day – we need to check this out for accuracy.
7. The Road surface to KSCC needs more attention. The Mills have said they will have a look at
it but no date has been advised.
8. An ‘Events Group’ has been set up – there is a Valentine’s Day supper on 14 February and an
‘Easter Family Day’ organised where children can take part in an Easter Egg Hunt. It is
recognised that families need to be encouraged to use the Club. This will take place on
Easter Sunday. The Parish Council have organised three items for the Jubilee weekend
running from 2 June to 5 June 2022. There will be the lighting of the Beacon at 9.15 on 2
June at Holmes Farm, a Music night with Ketton Community Choir on 3 June and a Big Lunch
on 5 June. It was discussed whether it would be appropriate to move the Car Boot to
Thursday 2 June. It was agreed to talk to Ron Tilley as to whether this change in date would
be useful. Bob and Carol Warters felt they could assist with people to help. Lynn Thacker will
talk to Ron Tilley. Since the meeting Ron Tilly thinks a Car Boot on the Thursday would be
9. There was discussion about KSCC’s Social Media input and Jacob Miller has agreed to do this.
10. There is difficulty in encouraging families to be part of KSCC, even though the Whitebread
Trust pays a lot of new Youth member’s fees. There will be a petition – set up by Louise
Hayter to advise that the lane from the High Street to KSCC will soon be closed and we would
encourage everyone to sign it.
11. It was agreed that Sami should have a discount card for the cash and carry.