KSCC minutes for meeting on 3 March 2022 in the Parish Office

Present:  Ian Loder, Jacob Miller, Sooty Pearce, Lynn Thacker, Jenny Rogers, Bob Waters, Glenis Southern, James Farrell.

  1. Minutes of meeting on 20 January 2022 were agreed as being correct.

2    The meeting discussed the long lease and under- lease of the Pit Lane facilities from Ketton Parish Council (KPC) and noted the delays that had occurred. It was reported that KPC had passed a necessary resolution, and a similar resolution, as detailed in the agenda, was required by the meeting.  These resolutions would enable solicitors to register the documents with the Land Registry and finalise matters. Following a discussion, the resolution was agreed, and the documents and plans were initialled, signed by the appropriate Trustees and witnessed.

Matters arising from the minutes

  1. It is confirmed that on Thursday 2nd June 2022 there will be a Car Boot Sale.  This has been moved from the normal Bank Holiday Monday to be included in The Platinum Anniversary celebration.
  2. It was agreed that significant information about KSCC should be shared on Social Media

Any other Business

  1. It was agreed to ask the Keep Fit Club for their Charity Account.  There had been an issue with the Keep Fit Club booking 12 months in advance.  The message is that this is not possible (only 3 months can be agreed) because other clubs may have pressing matters to use the complex.  It was suggested that ‘flexibility’ was the key to sorting this out. The Bowls Club want to know if during the Jubilee celebration they will be allowed to ‘have a go at Bowls’ to attract younger members.  It was agreed that this will be in order.  The Panthers Triathlon will now share the cost of the grass cutting but, it was uncertain if they are presently subject to any recharges.

It was agreed that the Tennis Club should be encouraged to use the clubhouse after their tennis matches to ensure that we have sufficient use of the clubhouse.

There was an issue with the use of the choir, who didn’t get their half time tea and coffee served.  This was because the person who dealt with these drinks had left and had not instructed the person who took over that this was part of the deal.  There is an issue that the choir should pay a reduced rate for using the hall to reflect the actual cost of using the hall.

There is no point in it costing the club to provide charitable uses.

The Football Club will ensure that proper cleaning will take place after their matches.

HSBC had notified us that our KSCC charity account seemed to be dormant. It was suggested that we close it as they charge us £5 a month administration fee. It was agreed we would keep it open as any grants, loans etc have to be paid into a Charity account.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is schedules for 27th April at 7.30 at KSCC.