Present: Ian Loder(IL), Sooty, Jacob Miller(JM), Lynn Thacker(LT), Jenny Rogers(JR), Glenis Southern(GS), Bob Warters(BW)

Minutes taken by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

1) Apologies – received from Matt Holdup and James Farrell

2) Minutes from meeting of 3rd March were signed off.

3) Matters arising – JR advised that the Choir needed clarification of the terms and conditions going forward regarding the rehearsals. Sooty and JM are going to draft a letter outlining the above.

4) Car Boot of 2nd June 2022 – Ron Tilley asked if IL would ensure that all the sections were aware of what they had to do regarding the car boot and all sections know what to do, so IL will assure Ron of this.
BW asked why not a car boot on 2nd May and Sooty pointed that this has been cancelled on numerous occasions due to the bad weather.
LT advised that Ketton Climate Group would kindly litter pick on 2nd June.
IL advised that new roadside banners had been ordered especially for the Platinum Jubilee Car Boot.
5) Person(s) behind bar/kitchen – LT stated that there had been issues regarding people (other than bar staff) behind the bar, and this had been resolved.
LT advised that all licences must be clearly displayed to the general public, and this also includes the price list.
Sooty stated that bad language and bad behaviour will not be tolerated.
A sign is being put up stating ‘Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times’.

6) Level 2 Food Hygiene Qualification Certificate – BW stated that Ketton Sports & Community Centre (KSCC) do NOT require a certificate for a ‘one off’ community function. Sooty had sought advice from Rutland County Council and they stated that laminated signs need to be clearly stating about handling of food, washing hands, equipment, fridge and these will be duly displayed in the kitchen for 2nd June as BW and the bowls people will be preparing bacon sandwiches.

7) Trustees Annual Report to the Charity Commission & accounts – IL presented the report for another trustee to sign which Sooty duly signed.

8) AOB – JR asked if people could eat inside if the weather was bad on 5th June and all agreed this would be fine. LT suggested having gazebos if the weather was bad.
JR asked what the time scale was in refurbishing the Whitebread Room to the Sports Bar, Sooty said that the funds were available, and it is in hand.
JR, along with a team of volunteers, have resurrected the Film Club. Sinclair Rogers has investigated the costs of the necessary license which is approximately £420.
The Film Club started up last September. Sooty suggested that KSCC apply for the licence as this would be beneficial all round and all were in agreement with this.
GS enquired if it was possible to have a steward or someone similar running the kitchen almost as a ‘stand-alone’ agreement, and then maybe overseeing everything at KSCC – Sooty and JM not in agreement with this suggestion, pointing out that all the sections ‘do their bit’. Also, a steward would be looking for a salary of £30,000 per annum and this at this current time is not an option. KSCC do not want to get involved with a pub chain or anything similar.
Sami is overseeing the general day to day running of KSCC and this is working well.

JR asked if the whole venue could still be hired out when the Sports Bar is in place, and yes it can be, if necessary, but both JM and Sooty pointed out that on the majority of occasions the Bar Area is perfectly suitable for a wedding reception (which is usually when the whole venue is hired out).

BW suggested that the opening times be displayed outside along with contact details.
BW asked of the shale in the car park could be removed – JM will deal with this.
BW asked why the burger van would be on site when KSCC will be selling bacon butties – it is a tradition to have the burger van although they will not sell bacon butties or cans of drinks as these can also be purchased from KSCC.

IL advised that there had been a directors meeting and Football need to pay their levy.

Date and time of next meeting – Wednesday 25th May at 7.30pm