Minutes of the Trustees Meeting

25th May 2022 at 7.30pm

Present:- Ian Loder(IL), Sooty, Lynn Thacker(LT), Glenis Southern(GS), Bob Warters(BW), Jenny Rogers(JR)

Minutes taken by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

  1. Apologies – none received.
  2. Minutes of the meeting held on 27th April – duly signed off.
  3. Matters arising – none
  4. Review of events at KSCC for Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – Car Boot parking is organised. Ketton Sports & Community Centre(KSCC) will be open until 4pm on 2nd

JR advised that there is a Choir Rehearsal on 2nd June and they will be located in the Bar Area. Friday 3rd June is the Concert which will start at 7pm and the bar will be open.

Sunday 5th is the Hog Roast and JR and LT advised all arrangements had been made and were in order, and the company doing the hog roast will bring everything including gazebos and will also clear away afterwards including plates, cutlery etc. There will a vegetarian option available.

LT said that 619 tickets so far had been sold for the hog roast.

Sooty confirmed that extra soft drinks had been ordered.

There will be stalls such as a tombola and games.

BW asked about parking on the 5th and Sooty explained that it would be the same as when holding a car boot, but it was hoped that most people would walk up to KSCC.

Sooty re-iterated that NO parking would be on the top football pitch.

JR asked if the toilets could be kept clean throughout the celebrations and Sooty would ask Sami regarding the cleaner to see if she/he could be on site.

LT asked if more bins could be purchased for the Jubilee Celebrations, Ketton Climate Change are litter picking during/after Car Boot on 2nd June.

JR asked if the building inside would be decorated with bunting and all agreed this would be a good idea and Sooty will sort this.

  1. AOB

Andrew McGilvrays’ funeral is being held on 9th June at 2pm at Peterborough Crematorium.

The Trustees agreed that a memorial should be held for Andrew and this will be duly arranged.

Sooty stressed that all must be vigilant regarding security at KSCC. Hanson are patrolling the grounds of KSCC.

Currently the bins are in an unlit area and Sooty asked BW if the solar powered light could be fitted on the end of the Bowls Building and BW agreed would be OK.

IL advised that Ron Tilley had concerns regarding the exit gate used when holding a car boot as only one lock and the key could not be found so IL has bought new lock and keys.

BW asked if the A Board advertising bacon butties could be put out on the day of the Car Boot and it will in place.

JR would like to know the takings over the celebrations.

  1. Date and time of next meeting – TUESDAY 19TH JULY AT 7.30PM