Minutes of the Trustees Meeting

19th July 2022 at 7.30pm

Present: – Ian Loder(IL), Sooty, Lynn Thacker(LT), Glenis Southern(GS), Bob Warters(BW), Jenny Rogers(JR) Jacob Miller(JM)

Minutes taken by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

  1. Apologies – Graham Bedford, James Farrell, Matt Holdup
  2. Review of minutes of meeting of 25th May – see item 4
  3. Matters Arising – see item 4
  4. Review of Jubilee Bank Holiday events at Ketton Sports & Community Centre (KSCC).

The Jubilee Celebrations at KSCC were a success.

JR stated that there were issues with the Concert held in the evening on 3rd June. The concert was in the Bar Area but due to the sheer volume of people attending the bi-fold doors were open so the whole venue was in use.  JR was concerned about some behaviour issues, but these issues will be addressed going forward.

Sooty advised that there was no way one could have predicted the volume of people that attended and that lessons had been learnt.

The Hog Roast was very well attended considering the weather was dreadful. JR and LT said that out of 690 tickets, approx. 500 people attended. The stalls that were supposed to be outside could not be due to the weather.

IL asked if the car boot held on 2nd June was a success and Sooty confirmed it was, but perhaps not as successful as a Bank Holiday Monday Car Boot. BW asked if KSCC received donations from the burger van and the ice cream van and this was confirmed that KSCC did.  It was confirmed that the next Car Boot would be held on Bank Holiday Monday on 29th August. IL will ask Ron Tilley if he would kindly arrange the Car Parking etc.

  1. Selection and election of Chairperson at KSCC– IL was reluctant to take on the role of Chairman due to the lengthy Trustees Report that had to be filed to the Charities Commission and the amount of information required for the Trustees Report. Sooty, Jayne Wheeler and JM have all said that they will get the information needed and, in the format, required for IL to do the report which was very much appreciated. Regarding this help IL was nominated for Chairman and all were in agreement, and this will be finalised at the next Trustees Meeting. IL will find out when the Trustees Report has to be filed.
  2. Attract more Trustees from clubs not represented at KSCC – JM will invite members from Petanque and Ketton Tri-Athlon to attend the next meeting as all agreed they need to be represented accordingly.
  3. AOB – LT confirmed that the Andrew McGilvray Memorial Quiz is being held on 19th August at 7pm and all monies raised will go to MacMillan Cancer. Sami had asked JM to do a BBQ on 19th August and all agreed this would be a good idea. Sooty advised that the brewery had kindly donated a barrel with all proceeds going to MacMillan.

Sooty has the light to be put in place by the bins, although there is an issue with the amount of rubbish that tends to build up, so Sooty will ask Biffa for another recycling bin.

JR asked about catering at KSCC and JM and Sooty stated that this was on the back burner for now, but it is something that will be looked into over time.

Sooty confirmed that the film projector will be put up in the next 2 weeks.

JR asked about the upkeep of the entrance road and JM will ask Mills Contractors for an update.

LT said that a Halloween Party was being held for all at KSCC on 29th October, and could all those concerned please share this on social media etc. There will be prizes for adult costume and child costume.

JR is keen for some village events organised by the Public Relations and Magazine group on the Parish Council to be held at KSCC. LT confirmed that she is looking to hold a Classic Car and Motorbike show in 2023 during the summer months (May, June July,) JM said that Sunday would be preferable and if LT confirmed a date and if a cricket match on, then this can be re-arranged.

Date and time of next meeting – Tuesday 23rd August @ 7.30pm