Minutes of KSCC Trustees Meeting
4th October 2022 at 7.30pm

Present: – Ian Loder (IL), Jenny Rogers (JR), Bob Warters (BW), Ed Finch (EF), Jacob Miller (JM), Nigel Roberts (NR), Sooty Pearce (SP).

Minutes taken by Ian Loder, typed by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

1.  Apologies – Graham Bedford, Matt Holdup, Roz Conde.

2.  Introduction – Ed Finch was introduced to the trustees as a member of the village who explained he believes we have an opportunity to generate revenue from opening the bar on Wednesday evenings as the Railway Inn is closed. Also, in the summer when the junior cricket coaching is on the parents could enjoy a drink and may be hot food.

3.  Trustees then voted for EF to be elected as a trustee as a village representative.

4.  Parish Council representative Nigel Roberts was introduced as a Trustee.

5.  Review of minutes of Trustees Meeting of 23rd August 2022 – approved, with no matters arising, and will be published on the Ketton Sports and Community Centre (KSCC)

6.  Licensee’s name at KSCC is being changed.

7.  KSCC accounts for year ending 31st March 2022 were approved and signed off.

8.  JM will write a report of club activities for the charities commission for year ending 31st March 2022.

9.  JM is contacting KSCC clubs that are not represented by trustees with a view to obtaining representatives.

10. Grants for the sports bar have been applied for and hopefully will come to fruition by Christmas enabling the carpet tiles and soft furnishings to be purchased.

11. AOB – JR is organising a vintage car event at KSCC for early summer 2023 but is hesitant to set a date at present fearing a clash with the impending coronation.

SP declared that the KSCC drive needs to be properly resurfaced instead of more loose top dressing. To this end, he suggested sending letters asking for financial assistance to as many large companies as we can. BW volunteered to draft said letter and present it at the next Trustees Meeting.

12. Date and time of next meeting – Thursday 10th November 2022 at 7.15pm.