Minutes of KSCC Trustees Meeting

19th January 2023 at 7.15pm

Present: – Ian Loder (IL), Jenny Rogers (JR), Bob Warters (BW), Nigel Roberts (NR), Fran Kavanagh(FK) –  representing Football across all football groups.

Minutes taken and typed by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

1.  Apologies – Graham Bedford, Sooty, Jacob Miller(JM)

  1. Matters arising from the Minutes of the Trustees Meeting of 10th November 2022 – 6th May has now been confirmed as the coronation of King Charles III and 8th May will be a Bank Holiday.

Ron Tilley(RT) has stepped down from the Healthy Walking Group which will have an enormous impact on the organisation of any Car Boots – However, IL will speak to RT to see if he would help at all and if not to give all info needed.

BW confirmed that the Bowls Club would do the bacon sarnies and also help out with parking. FK also said that the Ladies Football would also help.

JR enquired if Sooty had spoken to Andy Binder regarding catering at Ketton Sports & Community Centre (KSCC).

JR advised that the Film Night was very successful.

  1. Bar revenue for Football World Cup and Christmas periods

JR would like the accounts for future meetings to be sent to the Trustees.

Jayne Wheeler (JW) – Treasurer had given some figures for the periods stated to IL and the World Cup takings were disappointing, however, the Christmas period was very successful.

JR asked if KSCC could afford to continue with the Sports Bar.

  1. Accounts & Trustees Report to The Charity Commission – JM will submit the report.
  2. Access Road to KSCC Appeal – BW handed a draft of the letter and asked if it had been finalised? Roz listed various companies to approach. JR advised that there is a Platinum Jubilee Fund available.

NR suggested applying to the Whitebread Trust, he also suggested having a separate meeting specifically to discuss the funding applications etc and Trustees thought that this would be a good idea. NR thought that Balfour Beatty should also be approached.

Roz will contact companies for a quote for the access road and NR has agreed to meet them at KSCC. IL will measure the length and width of the road and let Roz know. KSCC require 2 speed bumps.

Sooty has sourced 100 pre-paid envelopes. FK has access to a printer regarding the letters to be sent out.

  1. Bonfire Night at KSCC – JR pointed out that North Luffenham have a Bonfire Night and so we would not want to clash. BW asked about firework display companies and FK knew someone and Roz has the information and will contact them.

JR asked if we would charge for entry and if so what would we offer, NR suggested having a burger van.

  1. Coronation and Vintage Car Event – this has been looked into in great depth. NR will attend the next meeting of the 20-49 Motor Club which is being held at KSCC on 2nd February.
  2. Memorial Plaque and bench for Andrew McGilvray – JM has made enquiries regarding this, and Stamford Rugby Club are ordering some furniture from British Recycle Plastics and we can add our order onto theirs’ – NR will liaise with the gentleman concerned and the Trustees decided on the Dark Grey Ilkley Sloper Bench. NR will let IL know and he will get the funds released.

The Trustees were in agreement that when the bench is in situ to send a photo to Andrews’ mother and sister as it was their request for a bench and memorial plaque.

  1. AOB – JR had been asked for a copy of the Constitution and Roz advised her it was on our website.

JR asked if another representative from Tennis could attend the meeting in the absence of Graham Bedford.

JR disappointed that there were no directors present.

JM asked if FK could ask Junior Football to park in the car park and not on the grass as you enter KSCC and she will attend to this.

  1. Date and time of next meeting – Thursday 16th March @ 7.15pm