Minutes of Trustees Meeting held on 24th April @ 7.15pm

Present: Ian Loder(IL), Sooty, Jacob Miller(JM), Jenny Rogers(JR), Bob Warters(BW), Nigel Roberts(NR), Ed Finch(EF), Graham Bedford(GB)

Minutes taken by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

  • Apologies – none
  • Review of Minutes of 16th March and Matters arising – JR said window was still broken and Sooty is waiting for an estimate. JR advised that the Bereavement Group and Stamford Parkinson Group no longer meet at KSCC.

GB stated that he has not received the Minutes of the past meetings and so did not know when the date(s) of the meetings were. GB said he only knew of tonights meeting as he received an email from IL. Roz confirmed that the minutes are definitely being sent to GB.

JM pointed out that tennis do not contribute to KSCC as ‘they play tennis and then leave’. They do not use the club-house after games. It was stressed that Tennis need to contribute whether it be organising an event or getting more involved. Sooty said that KSCC does not seen to be supported by Tennis, they don’t help with events and this needs to be addressed. Tennis and Tri-Athlon have the most members and yet contribute the least.

JM advised that all Trustees need to help. GB stressed that he is willing to engage regarding the responsibility of being a Trustee.

James Farrell (Football) is no longer a Trustee and has been replaced by Fran Kavanagh to represent football.

JR also stated that she is not receiving emails and again Roz confirmed JR is being sent the minutes of the meeting(s).

  • Tri-Athlon Club driving on water-logged football training area – IL has approached the Tri-Athlon and IL and JM are going to meet up with them on Friday 28th April when they are training. A representative from Tri-Athlon really need to become a Trustee. A letter has been sent and IL has since sent the response to the Trustees. JR asked if they could be fined and this is not an option, as the training area will recover over time. NR asked if they have to park on the grass and no they do not. Tri-Athlon do not pay anything to KSCC, they pay a small contribution to the grass cutting machinery. If an area is roped off, then it is not to be used.
  • Road to Ketton Appeal – this is ongoing. JM has a meeting with one of the developers in Ketton and this will be discussed. GB stated that Tennis would donate £500 to the appeal. BW asked if the Crowded Fund page was live, JM advised that it was not as he was waiting on verification from them as it is all ready to go live. BW asked about funding and JM said it was up to the individual to donate. It was stated in the last minutes that all sections are made aware of the Crowded Fund page.
  • Sunday catering at KSCC – Sooty has had a meeting with the caterer which was very positive. A Sunday Carvery would be introduced and to begin with would be every two weeks and then if successful then more food would be introduced – maybe on a Friday. Date(s) have yet to be decided. Also, a few tables that seat 2 people would be required and the caterer is looking into this.
  • Defibrillator rejuvination and re-siting – this should be under cover near the main door to the club-house. Football believed that they had paid for it and walking group believe that they had paid for it, however, it is believed that they each paid 50%. BW asked if the de-fib had been serviced and JR explained that the gentleman who services the ones in Ketton came to the one at KSCC and a new one is really required, as the pads are no good and the battery is also no good, also, a new cabinet to house the De-fib is required. EF asked the approx. price of a new one which is £900 and EF has very kindly offered to fund this and the BW proposed all thanks from the Trustees for his generosity. Also, GB said tennis would put funds towards the new de-fib and cabinet and again thanks were given.
  • Car Boot – Monday 8th May – RT still OK to manage the Car Boot and he has asked that if it is going to be cancelled then please let him know on Saturday 6th All sections know what they have to do.
  • AOB – IL had been approached by Jayne Wheeler(JW) (Treasurer) to advise him that she is spending up to two days a week at KSCC and has requested an increase in her Honorarium, Trustees agreed to this and Sooty will ask JW what amount she has in mind. JM pointed out that Hon Pay should come out of the charity side of KSCC.

BW asked if at the Car Boot the bacon butties could be £3 (were £2.50) and teas and coffees £1. Trustees agreed to this.

The bank HSBC is shutting in Stamford and this is the bank KSCC use – JW not prepared to travel to Oakham to do the banking, however, this can be done at Ketton Post Office and JW will do the paperwork and has asked if a Trustee can physically take the banking to the Post Office and yes this will be arranged – JM offered to do this.

EF asked if KSCC could open at 6.30pm on a Tuesday as it is U13 training and he has offered to help and Sooty and JM will discuss this but all thought would be a good idea.

JR asked for more correspondence and FK suggested setting up a WhatsApp group and this has now been dealt with as Roz sent out emails to all requesting the mobile numbers and JM will set it all up.

NR asked bout the boundary lines regarding the building take place in the field next to KSCC and this was due to Health and Safety – but the building contractors did not let anyone know.

Date and time of next meeting – Thursday 1st June @ 7.15pm