Minutes of KSCC Trustees Meeting

1st June  2023 at 7.15pm


Present: – Ian Loder (IL), Sooty, Jacob Miller (JM), Bob Warters(BW), Nigel Roberts(NR), Fran Kavanagh(FK)

Minutes taken and typed by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

  1. Apologies – Jenny Rogers(JR) and Ed Finch(EF)
  2. Introduction of New Trustees – Justin Hattee(JH), Caroline Hattee(CH) both representing Tri-Athlon and Sandra Parker(SP) representing the Indoor Sports & Petanque and also will be the Social Representative for Ketton Sports & Community Centre. All three were proposed by IL and seconded by NR and all Trustees voted for all three.

Their phone numbers have been passed to JM so can be added to the WhatsApp group. CH asked what was expected as a Trustee and JM duly explained that all need to work together and keep all sections informed of what is going on and to be involved and support Ketton Sports and Community Centre (KSCC). Going forward the Tri-Athlon will not be charged for the hire of the Bar Area for their Awards Night.

  1. Review of the Minutes of Trustees Meeting 24th April 2023 – Sooty is looking into a protective covering for the window which was broken by a cricket ball. JM advised that the Developers are going to have their Sales Office elsewhere, however, someone else from cricket is going to speak to the MD to see if they can get any assistance regarding the access road to KSCC.

CH asked why the Choir no longer held their rehearsals at KSCC and JM explained that there had been issues and they had found another venue.

  1. Road to Ketton Appeal – this is ongoing and JM urged all Trustees to keep ‘pushing it’. CH suggested contacted Burghley Trust and Trustees agreed to this. CH also asked about Hanson Cement but JM advised that they were not interested.
  2. Car Boot of 29th May – This was quite successful considering there were other larger Car Boots taking place. Monies have been distributed to all sections. BW said there were no complaints about the increase in the bacon butties and he would be interested to know the gross takings.
  3. Sunday Catering – Sooty has had a meeting with the caterer Andy Binder who has agreed to do a Sunday Carvery and the final details are being discussed.
  4. Defibrillator – this has been dealt with and a new cabinet has arrived. The parts for the equipment have also been supplied. Thanks to EF and GB.
  5. AOB – IL stated that there were no lights in the Ladies Toilets and Sooty and JM will sort this out. IL thought that at some point having Solar panel installed on the roof of KSCC would be a good idea.

IL suggested having banners made for marketing events as they were relatively cheap. SP asked about having a static structure but NR stated planning permission would be required for this.

In her absence JR had asked IL to speak to the Trustees about Horsley Village Hall as she stated their website was very good and informative and that they had a very good booking system. Sooty and JM stated that KSCC would not be changing our website or the features therein.

GB asked if there would be room for a Paddle court which is a cross between squash and tennis as he had been approached by a tennis member. This is becoming popular and the nearest court to Ketton is Market Harborough. Sooty and JM asked for GB to send across the dimensions and any other information so this can be looked into further.

BW asked about the acoustics and JM has a grant in hand regarding the smaller area to be kitted out with carpet tile and other soft furnishings and this would make a difference going forward. BW said that next year is the Bowls Clubs 50th Anniversary and he would like an Open Day to promote Bowls and KSCC and to get the village involved with the celebrations. NR suggested talking to JR. CH suggested having other activities available and she enquired whether it would be an option to assist people with additional needs to play Bowls and BW was in agreement with this. Sooty suggested to come back with some dates and it would duly discussed.

BW stated that the boundary hedge is very overgrown and it needs cutting back but did not know who to contact – NR will speak to Ketton Parish Council.

SP pointed out that some Friday nights the Bar is hardly used and suggested some event to encourage people to use KSCC – SP organises the Quiz Nights which have been very successful.

SP – Petanque, Dominoes and Crib have no issues. Pool have asked for the lights to be re-installed above the Pool tables – Sooty is looking into this.

SP raised her concern about the broken window. SP asked if the old photos could be put up on the walls once the smaller room had been refurbished and this was agreed to.

SP also asked about having a specific childrens area installed and this has been looked into and NR pointed out that realistically it would cost around £10,000. However, the Trustees agreed that it would be a good idea.

SP asked that when there is a Bank Holiday Monday and there is no Car Boot then why is KSCC not open – Sooty advised that in the past it has not been worthwhile.

CH suggested having a food van on an evening and duly advertising it.

Sooty stated that there are upcoming events for the Bank Holiday in August such as a Comedy night, Quiz Night and a Beer Festival and this should prove to be very worthwhile. He had agreed with Grainstore to provide the beers and ciders.

SP asked if the events would be duly advertised and yes, they will.

Date and time of next meeting – Thursday 6th July at 7.15pm