Minutes of Trustees Meeting held on 17th August 2023 at 7.15pm

Present: Nigel Roberts (NR), Jacob Miller(JM), Sooty, Jenny Rogers(JR), Justin Hattee(JH), Caroline Hattee(CH), Sandra Parker(SP), Bob Warters(BW), Fraz representing Fran Kavanagh

Meeting chaired by Nigel Roberts

Minutes taken and typed by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

  • Apologies – Ian Loder, Graham Bedford, Fran Kavanagh (FK), Ed Finch(EF)
  • Review of Minutes of 6th July 2023 – Window still has not been fixed, JM advised that the person from Safeguard who was dealing with it no longer works for the company, however, they are coming out on Wednesday 23rd

Ed Finch has not got a price yet for a reconditioned oven but is dealing with this.

The De-Feb cabinet is in-situ, but JR and NR said it needs to be registered with the relevant company and CH has sent the details through the WhatsApp group – EF will register the De-Fib. Sooty advised that the electrician Mark Bird will install the De-Fib.

JR – The De-Fib needs to be looked after on a regular basis to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

NR and JR advised that a gentleman called Graham Layne looks after the other De-fibs in Ketton and SP asked if he would also look after the De-Fib at Ketton Sports and Community Centre (KSCC), both NR and JR thought that he could not due to other commitments, but Graham would advise. There are training sessions for using the De-Fib and Sooty thought this would be good for the Bar Staff. Most Sports Section have to have someone trained to use a De-Fib.

JR has given Roz the details of Graham Layne and she will write a letter asking for advice and if he would kindly look after the De-Fib (since the meeting took place Roz has asked if NR could contact Graham and he has kindly agreed to ring him).

The lighting in the Ladies Toilet has been fixed.

NR asked about the changes to the Constitution to remove the one-year break after a Trustee has served three years. Jayne Wheeler sent an email to all on 11th July explaining the situation ‘Re: 1 year break that was after 3 x 3 year terms so 9 years not just 3 years but 3 terms. After 3 years every trustee needs to be re-elected should they which to continue for a further 3 years. Maximum of 3 terms then 1 year break unless vital skills would be lost then can continue for a 4th term if everyone in agreement including the person being re-elected’.

JM stated that if a Trustee was happy to be re-instated after three years, then a one year break did not serve a purpose.

  • Road to Ketton Appeal

JH – all are engaged in the Appeal.

There is a spec now available and Sooty is sourcing two quotes, but JR pointed out that three are required if going to the Whitebread Trust and CH confirmed also three required for The Burghley Trust.

A quote is required for concreting the road, however, Sooty stated that the road cannot be concreted as there is no flexibility and so this is not an option.

NR asked if MV Kelly (company doing the building construction in Ketton), a contact has been given and if necessary, CH said she would physically go and speak to someone.

JH sated that Matt Parkinson has spoken to the relevant contacts on the behalf of KSCC and advised that he still trying to deal with the person(s) concerned and JH asked if the Trustees still wanted Matt to pursue this and in agreement for Matt to continue.

Sooty and Matt now have the details of the Social Impact Managers details for Balfour Beatty and Hanson. Sooty has contacted Tarmac and so discussions are in hand.

EF sent an email regarding funding from Augean and JM said that knows about this and will look into it further. JM has a contact -Tom- who specialises in dealing with funding but takes a commission and this is dependent upon the amount received. BW and SP asked if the Trustees could apply and yes, they can but it is very time consuming, however, Sooty pointed out that Tom has all the details regarding KSCC but need to be mindful regarding the commission as JM said that this has to be paid from a Third Party and so another grant would have to be sourced to pay for the commission and SP asked if it could come out of the grant itself and no, it cannot. NR suggested applying to the Whitebread Trust for the payment of commission if the Trustees wanted to use Tom.  JM suggested that perhaps the Trustees could apply themselves and SP offered to help if this was applicable.

  • August Bank Holiday events – Sooty is meeting with the rep from the brewery regarding delivery of the real ales. He is a bit disappointed regarding the sales of the tables for the comedy night as is SP and she also thought the Comedy Night would be better represented across the board. Sooty was hoping this would be a ‘sell out’. 60 tickets have been sold so far. He said that the cost of the acts is £500 and at the moment KSCC have broken even. JR asked if the comedy night would be in the whole venue and Sooty confirmed it will be in the large room only.

Sooty advised that people will pay for the real ales by tokens only – 1 token = 1 pint. A separate bar will be set up for sale of the real ales.

Sooty is involved with the cricket on Sunday 27th August and so will need help manning the bar. CH has offered her services as has SP, FK, and BW. Sooty will draw up a schedule.

JR asked if extra Bar Staff were required for the Car Boot and Sooty advised that KSCC is OK for Car Boot.

Ron Tilley has advised all regarding their duties for the Car Boot. Ketton BC will provide bacon butties and refreshments.

  • AOB – NR thanked FK for sending Fraz as her representative and JR asked if a rep from Tennis could attend when Graham Bedford could not.

The Trustees are in agreement that when they cannot attend that a representative be sent to the meeting.

CH said that each club to draw up the structure of each section and send to Roz to keep on file.

All Trustees agreed that the different sections take on the re-furbishment of the flower beds and NR will ask the horticultural society for their input.

BW asked who pays the tennis floodlights as they are on during the day, and JM confirmed that they pay their own electricity bill.

CH asked for clarification regarding parking for Triathlon when heavy rain has occurred, and JH said need clear indication. JM confirmed that if waterlogged then do not park on the grass, JH said if in any doubt please could JM let him know by 3pm on the Friday.

  • Date and time of next meeting – Thursday 28th September at 7.15pm