Minutes of Trustees Meeting of 12th October

at 7.15pm held at Ketton Sports & Community Centre (KSCC)

Present: Ian Loder (IL)- Chair, Ed Finch(EF), Sooty, Jacob Miller(JM), Andy Gray(AG) representing Fran Kavanagh, Sandra Parker(SP), Bob Warters(BW), Jenny Rogers(JR), Nigel Roberts(NR).

New Trustees to be voted in: Emily Goodale(EG) representing Ketton Panthers and Anna O’Connor(AC) representing Tennis.

Minutes taken and typed by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

Before the meeting a one minutes silence was held in memory of Graham Bedford.

  1. Apologies – Fran Kavanagh


  1. Review of Minutes of Trustees Meeting of 17th August – Sooty advised the window has not yet been repaired as it is a commercial window it has proven to be difficult to get the relevant company to come out and quote, but this is ongoing.

JM advised that the road appeal is ongoing and will continue to be active and funds raised are approx. £3900.

EG is going to speak to Caroline and Justin Hattee to see if they managed to get anywhere with quotes.

EF advised that the De-Fib must be registered with the relevant company so the ambulance is aware where it is should it need to be used – EF has since done this with The Circuit and by default with the East Midlands Ambulance service.

JR asked if the staff would be having any training as Trustees agreed this would be a good idea as all Sports Sections have an appointed First Aider who has received De-Fib training. NR pointed out that the Ambulance service does training for free.


  1. Results of Bank Holiday Weekend – IL handed out the info regarding takings from the Bank Holiday Weekend – Quiz night was a success as was the Comedy Night but both Sooty and SP said that the village do not support events at KSCC as they were all hoping for a better turn out. BW asked if there was going to be another Comedy Night and Sooty advised that the company concerned had approached him to use KSCC as a venue next year. AC asked if food could be offered alongside any large event taking place, JM and Sooty agreed that this is something that would be given serious consideration.

IL said that the Car Boot was not attended as well as previous ones and all agreed with this but believed this was because of other Car Boots going on also because of the economic situation.

Sooty advised that the Beer Festival was not attended across the four days, and this will not take place in the future – AC asked if it could be bigger and advertised more – this is not an option anymore. Sooty again stated that the village just do not support any event at KSCC.

NR said that KSCC does not have the same atmosphere as a village pub.

  1. Election and re-election of Trustees

IL proposed AC and this was seconded, and AC duly voted in as a new Trustee.

IL proposed EG and this was seconded, and EG duly voted in as a new Trustee.

IL proposed Sooty to continue as Trustee and Director and duly re-elected, but he stated that certain things need to change going forward.

IL proposed Jayne Wheeler – Treasurer at KSCC to continue her duties and she was duly re-elected.

Sooty proposed IL to continue as Trustee and Chair and he was duly re-elected.

IL proposed JM to continue as Trustee and Director and he was duly re-elected.

IL proposed JR and this was seconded, and JR duly re-elected.

Sooty and JM addressed the Trustees.

Ketton Football Club have been approached by Blackstones Football Club asking KSCC if they could use the ground and facilities going forward.

Initially, it would be for the Juniors however, also the Seniors and Vets would be wanting to use the facilities. On 4th November will be the first time Blackstones will be using KSCC and then again on the 11th November.

KSCC would like to use a portion of the field opposite the entrance to KSCC but as an overflow car park on a permanent basis but didn’t know who it actually belonged to. NR asked AG to outline the proposal and NR will look into this. The car park at the GYM has been offered as a very temporary overflow car park for KSCC.

Blackstones have their own committee and Ketton Football Club will be working with them.

Food is also looking to be provided on match days by Andy Binder and Sooty has a meeting with him next week – a second cooker will be installed and the kitchen at KSCC will be cleared out.

NR asked about having outside caterers going forward for events and this will be considered, and he suggested about having students in from Stamford College.

NR also asked about funding for the road and if Blackstones had any contacts as they really want to be involved with KSCC.

All the Trustees thought this was a brilliant opportunity for KSCC.

  1. AOB

EF asked if any plans at KSCC for bonfire night and there will be nothing going on as so very expensive and all the professional companies are booked up years in advance.

EF asked about plans for Christmas, and he is going to speak to Jayne Bloomer of Ketton Community Choir to see if something can be arranged for December 20th.

JM pointed out that Pantos had been arranged at KSCC previously but again not well attended.

Sooty asked for Trustees to be mindful of new people at KSCC when Blackstones come onboard.

AC asked if it would be at all possible for a ‘Pump Track’ to be installed which costs £100,000 and all agreed that KSCC does not have the ‘spare’ land nor the funds although AC pointed out that the Pump Track at Kingscliffe had been funded by donations and it was suggested that the park in Ketton would be more appropriate and AC is going to email the info to all Trustees for their perusal.

BW stated that it is Ketton Bowls 50th Anniversary and they would like to book 30th June 2024 and Roz has booked this into the online diary.

JR asked about the re-furbishment of the Sports Bar and both Sooty and JM said this is ongoing.

  1. Date and time of next Meeting: Thursday 23rd November at 7.30pm