Minutes of Trustees Meeting of 4th January 2024

at 7.15pm held at Ketton Sports & Community Centre (KSCC)

Present: Ed Finch(EF), Sooty, Jacob Miller(JM), Fran Kavanagh(FK), Bob Warters(BW), Nigel Roberts(NR),  Emily Goodale(EG), Sandra Parker(SP), Jenny Rogers(JR), Dave Walpole (DW) representing Ketton Football Club

Minutes taken and typed by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

  1. Election of new Chairperson

JR proposed NR, Sooty seconded this along with EF

NR voted in as Chairperson

JR suggested another Director to be voted in to help Sooty, Jacob regarding the Trading side of KSCC. EF was asked if he would be interested and also Sooty and Jacob agreed to EF becoming a Director and he was duly elected to be a director and Jayne Wheeler will be advised of this to ensure she is also in agreement.,

  1. Apologies – Anna O’Connor
  2. Matters arising from Minutes of 23rd November – NR advised that Hanson had leased the entire field that KSCC were looking at as having part of for an overflow car park to Mills’.
  3. The way forward –  NR – need to draw a line over past events and focus on the present and the future, both Sooty and Jacob need much more support and input from the Trustees.

SP – at the meetings actions are discussed but not much comes to fruition – the window in the Bar Area is still broken and asked why not claimed on the insurance – Sooty explained that the excess was too high, but he is dealing with the broken window.

EF – Short term facilities appear to be running hand to mouth and the Trustees Meetings sometimes seem almost pointless – need to address issues and move forward in a positive manner as KSCC need to bring in revenue. Blackstones Junior Football is now at KSCC which is very good for KSCC and on occasion Trustees could volunteer to help on the match days if needed, whether it be helping with the catering or stepping in behind the Bar and this would apply to any large event being held at KSCC. JR stated that she had no experience working behind the bar, but JM said he would show her along with any other volunteer as this would save money on bar staff.

Sooty – Andy Binder (caterer) is on board at KSCC and does the food for Blackstones and this is working well he handles the Saturdays’ but cannot do the Sunday as well which is where volunteers are required to do bacon rolls as these are most popular. NR – a basic food hygiene certificate is required if handling food and this can be done online, both FK and JM food hygiene certificates and one is not required if you are serving food only if you are preparing food. Sooty had received an email from Helen Pates requesting an inspection stating.’ The bar has come up for routine food hygiene inspection and, as this is a low risk premises this can probably be done over phone / email ‘ – Sooty is dealing with this.

However, when the Sunday lunches are being prepared KSCC will need to prepare the food for Blackstones elsewhere as would not want to interfere with Andy Binder – FK suggested air fryers and Sooty suggested using the BBQ – the Trustees agreed these were good ideas. Felicity from Blackstones have offered volunteers to help.

Sooty – Andy Binder (all being well) will be hosting Sunday Lunches at KSCC starting on 28th January. This will be a carvery priced at £14.95 for two courses. A percentage of the £14.95 will come to KSCC but all wet sales will be KSCCs’.

JR and all Trustees agreed that this must be heavily advertised across all social media platforms and posters to be put in the notice boards throughout Ketton and beyond.

SP – posters are kindly printed by Cloie Sylvester and JR advised that Andy Bullimore would not charge much but as SP pointed out Cloie does not charge KSCC.

Sooty – need to know in advance regarding volunteering for events and EF suggested 5 volunteers to be ‘on board’ from each section. EF asked if all Trustees could put themselves forward to volunteer and the majority of them could, but EG stated that she was heavily involved at the weekends with other events but could help at other times. JM does the bar for the film night, but any of the Trustees could do this.

NR – someone needs to take control regarding setting up a volunteer database and EF kindly will do this. All agreed that better communication was needed to ensure all Trustees were kept up to date.

Dave Walpole (DW) addressed the Trustees – Next season it will not be solely Blackstones Junior Football Club as the name will be incorporated with KSCC Junior Football and they will become one entity.

The current cricket groundsman is at present looking after the outside areas of KSCC and is to be paid and DW proposed that all relevant sections pay 10% of the cost which works out between £40 and £50 per month and currently for three months the cost is between £1200 and £1300. He would like this to be resolved as soon as possible and all agreed to this as the outside space affects everyone including visitors coming to KSCC and is important to keep it in order. BW asked if the Bowls Club needed to contribute as they have their own green(s) which they look after, and it was agreed that they do not need to nor do Tennis.

DW will draft a letter to each section outlining his proposal.

Sooty will get confirmation from Blackstones regarding forthcoming fixtures and will let all Trustees know.

JR asked about Jayne Wheeler – Sooty had a meeting with her and she has kindly agreed to stay on for a further 3 months, but things must change going forward as we need to turn KSCC around in the first quarter of 2024.

JM and Sooty – a race night is potentially going ahead in February, and it was suggested hosting a ‘black tie’ event with a guest speaker as this could bring on a fair bit of revenue and Andy Binder would do the catering for the event. The brewery would also contribute to such a big event.

Sooty – Each section needs to pay their way regarding electricity – it was suggested each section have a meter installed and he will find out costings etc as KSCC cannot keep ‘footing the bill’ for the sections. BW asked if Bowls needed to have a meter installed as they run a fridge only and so if they could make a contribution then this would suffice.

JM would get one person to install the meters across all sections and both Sooty and other Trustees know qualified electricians who could do this job.

EF asked if there were photos etc that could be put up on the walls which it would be welcoming and JM advised that they were available and agreed to put them up.

EF – going forward maybe further down the line to seriously consider renting out KSCC to become a café serving cakes/sandwiches/teas and coffees and he believed this would be beneficial as there is the Gym opposite KSCC and they protein bars and such the like can be purchased at the Gym.

EF – KSCC could offer company presentations during the day and maybe have a full time/part time person to set up the room accordingly as the space is not currently used to its best.

NR – wants the website to be re-vamped as he states it is ‘clunky’ and it need to be updated – need photos uploaded when the area is decorated for an event. JM pointed that he could sit down with Roz and anything can be updated on the website. Trustees pointed out there would be a considerable cost to having a new website and there are more pressing issues, but NR did not necessarily agree with this and he is going to make some enquiries.

EG asked about the insurance that Ketton TriAthlon are being asked to pay – Sooty explained that this is separate to the section’s individual insurance – they are being asked to pay £205 which covers the Trustees, it is in effect a Trustees Insurance which protects the Trustees should anything happen, this also covers the staff employed at KSCC. All other sections pay this insurance. Sooty had responded to Caroline and Justine Hattee to advise them of this.

Sooty – the entrance road needs to be repaired and he had had a response from Hanson who will let KSCC have as many bags of tarmac as is required to temporarily repair the road. It cannot be undertaken in wet weather and volunteers will be needed as EF pointed out to sweep the road ready for the tarmac and BW said he would be able to get people to help.

SP is hosting a quiz ad suggested having a bucket going round for the road appeal and all thought this was a good idea.

NR asked who owned a certain piece of land where a tree had fallen, and it was confirmed that it did not belong to KSCC.

Date and time of next meeting – Thursday 8th February at 7.15pm