Minutes of KSCC Trustees Meeting held on 17th September @ 7pm

Present: Tim Charge(TC), Jenny Rogers(JR), Ian Loder(IL), Glenis Southern(GS),Peter Shakeshaft(PS), Charlie Underwood(CU), Bob Bradberry(BB), Cristian Durant(CD), Andrew McGilvray(AMG), Jayne Wheeler(JW)

Minutes taken by Roz Conde – Hon Sec

Tim Charge chaired the meeting.

1)      Apologies – Ron Tilley and Sooty

2)      Matters arising – The final draft for the Charities Report needs to be approved. AMG thanked the Trustees for their condolences. Thanks were given to Jim Wheeler for his role as a Trustee.

3)      Finances – JW emailed the reports to the Trustees prior to the meeting and there were no questions.

JW explained that there are two entities to Ketton Sports & Community Centre (KSCC), the Charity side and the Trading side. The Trustees are responsible for the Charity side and the four directors are responsible for the Trading. JW advised that the loan of £72,000 was lent to the Trading side of KSCC, and the Rutland County Council (RCC) loan was to the Charity side of KSCC. GS and JR asked which side was responsible for the loan of £72,00, and JW advised that the Trading side of KSCC was responsible. GS believed that the Trustees are responsible for both Charity and Trading but JW advised that from a legal point, this was not the case. JW stated that any profits from Trading are donated to the Charity side of KSCC. PS advised that when KSCC became a charity, they were advised to have the Charity and Trading side. TC asked if the Trading side met all of the relevant criteria and JW confirmed they do. JR asked if minutes of the Directors meeting are recorded and JW confirmed they are, but they do not have to put in the public domain.

4)      Solicitor – TC asked AMG for clarification regarding the lease. The relevant information was with Jeremy Lee who is the Ketton Parish Council(KPC) solicitor and the info had not been logged with the Land Registry and so AMG had tried to register accordingly with the Land Registry but he could not, so he has spoken to Paul Osborne who is a solicitor who deals with the Land Registry on a regular basis and he agreed to submit the info to the Land Registry but on doing this, yet more documents were required and this was presented back to Jeremy, but so far nothing has been submitted. Paul has tried to contact Jeremy, but to no avail. GS did not know this and she will contact Jeremy and enquire what the hold-up is, as the lease needs to be sorted out. It will be a 30 year lease. JW asked if KPC could engage a different solicitor and GS had approached this subject. AMG explained that the top football pitch is under-leased and is dealt with separately, as Hanson lease the land to KPC and KPC allow football to be played. At this present time there is no agreement between KPC regarding the top football pitch and TC said that there should be.

TC asked if KSCC had an appointed solicitor and they do not, however, TC and the Trustees are prepared to hire a solicitor for personal victimization. CD has already had to seek advice from his solicitor.

5)      Events – Car Boots have been very successful and JW confirmed that the monies have been given to the relevant sections. AMG advised that the late May Bank Holiday in 2020 will be on a Friday and JW confirmed that the Car Boot can be held on the Friday.

AMG asked if KSCC should have a table top sale although not very successful, however, if advertised in good time and to ensure it states quite clearly it will be a Table Top Sale and NOT a Car Boot, then the Trustees agreed to have one.

JR and GS said that only about 10 tickets had been sold for. the Ceilidh being held this Saturday, questions were asked why so few tickets had been sold, as posters were in the notice boards around village, also in the local shop and posters were up the Railway Pub, but have since been removed.

JW said there is a cover band at KSCC this Friday which hopefully will be well attended, in January there is a fund raiser for the Sonny Ferry York Lifeboat Appeal and it is believed this will be very popular, GS will ensure this is advertised on Ketton News.

JW had been sent information on pantomimes, and the Trustees agreed this would be a good idea, although quite expensive, it would be good for KSCC, and it was agreed to have Beauty and the Beast pantomime and AMG is going to speak to the company, and will report back to the Trustees.  JR asked if this was being performed elsewhere locally and it is not as JW confirmed that Stamford Pantomime players are performing Dick Whittington.

TC suggested giving subsidised tickets to Ketton Primary School via the Whitebread Trust and AMG will write to the Whitebread Trust. PS also suggested contacting Alison Mytton at Hanson asking them to subsidise the Pantomime as there always used to be a Village Christmas Childrens Party and AMG will contact Alison.

6)      Road update – CU said that the major potholes had been filled in as a temporary measure and BB suggested putting postcrete in to secure them. JR has applied to various companies but to no avail, and she has had a meeting with Stuart Gray who will hopefully come back with a quote. CD has also contacted a few people regarding the entrance road and this is on-going, and he suggested contacting Hanson, and JR was asked if her husband Sinclair (KPC Chairman) would kindly make the initial contact, which JR will.

7)      Update on Catering – TC asked if any interest, CU has spoken to a few caterers but not really interested, also Andy Binder has been contacted, but nothing concrete yet. CD believed that any caterer would also use the kitchen for other events than those being held at KSCC. JR asked if it was worth advertising and TC advised that need to get the tender out in the public domain first. CU and JW will meet as this is a Trading matter, and the tender needs to be formulated and JR asked if this could be emailed to the Trustees before going public.

8)      Update on Sports – CU advised that the Bowls Club had received funding and so a new pavilion can be built. AMG advised that the U11 Football is going well, CD confirmed cricket going well. JR asked if tennis should have a rep, and perhaps a letter should be written to Tennis to enquire if they want to be a Trustee as Tennis are not represented now as Jim Wheeler has resigned as a Trustee. AMG will deal with this.

Sports Bash – CD has been dealing with this and the proposal has been sent to Dean Headley and he will have to agree before any booking is placed, as it will be held according to the terms and conditions that KSCC have proposed.

PS asked whose name is on the license at KSCC and JW advised that it is in the process of being transferred to AMG and it is given the name of ‘designated premises supervisor’.

9)      AOB – JR asked about the lack of internet in the office at KSCC, and JW confirmed that a new router is required and this is through SKY, Sooty had contacted SKY but as he is not account holder they would not converse. It is unsure who the account holder is and JW and PS think it might be Alison Couzens and GS will ask Alison.

JR asked if the cleaner(s) come in every day and JW and AMG confirmed they do, JR went on to state that on the day of the Car Boot the Mens Toilets were in a dreadful condition, there were no toilet seats (this has since been rectified), PS stated that with so many people using the toilets, it would not take long for them to get a little dirty. JW advised that the Mens Toilets will be refurbished. JR asked if the toilets could be spick and span for Thursday 19th September 2019 as the WI are hosting their function at KSCC. AMG will ensure that the cleaner is aware of JRs request.

CU and PS confirmed the ‘comfy chairs’ are in situ and the Trustees agreed that they were a good purchase. It was suggested putting down carpet tiles due to the issue of rebound noise.

CU handed Roz the document regarding the Charity Role of a Trustee – to view this please go to https://www.gov.uk/guidance/charity-trustee-whats-involved

If anyone has a problem, then please let Roz know and she will scan the document.

AMG said that the internal door handle on the bi-fold had been broken, and this is being looked into.

Date and time of next Meeting

Tuesday 22nd October at 7pm