Minutes of Trustees Meeting held on 20th July 2020 @ 7.00 pm

Present: Andrew McGilvray (AMG), Jenny Rogers (JR), Glenis Southern (GS), Ron Tilley (RT), Cristian Durant (CD), Charlie Underwood, Sooty, Graham Bedford (GB), Jayne Wheeler, Ian Loader.

Apologies: Matt Holdup, James Farrell, Simon Nairn

  • Minutes of Meeting held on 20th January 2020 were approved to be published online.
  • Matters arising from the Minutes – None
  • Election of New Trustees

Matt Holdup, and James Farrell were elected as trustees

There are 2 vacancies for trustees

  • Finances – KSCC had received a £25,000 COVID hospitality grant from the government via RCC (The size of the grant was dependant on our rateable value). This had ensured that our finances are in a very reasonable condition. The chairman had taken the opportunity during lockdown to renegotiate a number of contracts to reduce our outgoings. We had arranged a 6mth payment holiday on one lease and the TV providers (Sky & BT had suspended charges while where are closed).

It was explained that if non trustees want more financial information, they must refer to either the Charity Commission or Companies House websites to see the latest filings. All filings are up to date.

The chairman explained he had contacted RCC about the next payment of the loan instalment. A discussion had been held with the exchequer team leader (Samantha Souter) and it had been agreed that we would discuss this further when the invoice is issued (Sept) and we would review how we would pay the invoice depending on what trading conditions had been

  • Opening the Complex – It was agreed that we would open the complex on Fri 31st July and we would be open when there is a sporting event taking place on the Friday (5pm) Saturday & Sunday (noon). We would also open on other occasions if there was a viable request. None of the indoor games are have started playing.

We would arrange for all sporting fixtures to be advertised on both the KSCC & Ketton news Facebook pages.

We will only open the main bar area and tables will be arranged to ensure social distancing is maintained. The chairman had purchased 5 hand sanitiser pump bottles, a 5L refill and anti-bacterial wipes. The chairman will print and laminate notices for the bar to provide instruction to all people entering the building.

It was agreed that the trustees would make regular visits to the complex when it is open to support the bar staff in ensuring that all visitors follow the requirements for registering their presence and hand sanitising.

All sports clubs were asked to ensure that they inform the secretary of all events (and any cancellations) so that the online calendar can be kept up to date.

  • Entrance Road – The response from Hanson had been disappointing and they had not been able to provide a solution to repairing the road. CD had approached R & R Mills who had provided a quote to repair the road from the 2nd speed bump to the car park with road plainings at a cost of £2500 + VAT. The trustees agreed to go ahead with this proposal. The various sections present at the meeting all agreed to contribute £500 to the project (Football, Cricket, Bowls, Tennis, Walking). The chairman agreed to write to the Triathlon club to ask for their support.

Date and time of next meeting

Monday 7th September @ 7 pm